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Preserving Heritage

The Peranakans have always been a part of our local scene. Their rich culture in food and fashion are so distinctively identified. Not forgetting the Peranakan tiles, which can still be seen on conservation houses scattered all over Singapore. 2 Peas in a Pot not only trade newly-made tiles, we too carry 100% authentic Majolica Peranakan tiles which are easily more than 100 years old.


These more than 100 years old rare tiles were painstakingly salvaged and restored from old Singapore’s shophouses that were torn down in the late 70s & 80s. The techniques and raw materials used to produce the tiles are no longer available, so they have become collector’s items, prized for their exquisite designs, high quality glaze and durability. The restoration process is costly and tedious which adds even more value.


On the other hand, we trade premium Peranakan-inspired tiles for those who share the same passion and love for the Peranakan culture. To ensure good product quality, state of the art Italian technology is adopted for its production facilities. The synergy of modern automation and skilled craftsmanship yields an excellent and consistent standard.  


These top quality ceramic tiles meet the requirements of building developers and are widely recommended by interior designers. They are also highly sought after by homeowners to recreate into frame up displays to beautify their homes.