'Peranakan Tiles Singapore' Coffeetable Book

'Peranakan Tiles Singapore' Coffeetable Book

The first book on decorative (Peranakan tiles) tiles in Singapore, a collaboration between Singapore-based writer Anne Pinto-Rodrigues and tiles' collector Victor Lim. 

In the early part of 20th century, decorative tiles popularly known as 'majolica' tiles across the world, found favour with the affluent Peranakan community of Singapore. The Peranakanas decorated their houses, furniture and other surfaces with these colourful files. Soon enough, these tiles became a distinctive feature of this commmunity and they began to be referred to as 'Peranakan Tiles'. This book attempts to showcase some of these exquisite tiles seen across Singapore today. It also creates awareness about this fragile legacy that needs to be conserved for the generations to come.

Chapter 1 - History of the Decorative Tile
Chapter 2 - Who are the Peranakans?
Chapter 3 - History of Decorative Tiles in Singapore
Chapter 4 - Peranakan Tiles of Singapore in Katong, Geylang, Little India, Balestier Road, Chinatown, Emerald Hill and Bukit Brown Cemetery
Chapter 5 - Collection of Antique Tiles

Prior to World War I, ornamental tiles came to Singapore mostly from England. In the post war years, highquality Japanese tiles became easily accessible and their low pricing made them very popular. Today, the antique tiles seen in Singapore are mostly from England, Japan and Belgium. The earliest tiles in Singapore came from England. British traders in Singapore functioned as agents for the large tile manufacturing companies of England. Archival records show that tiles made by the world famous Minton, Hollins & Co. of Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, England were being sold in Singapore as early as the 1890s.
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